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In 2005, an estimated 1 in 65 people world wide were homeless; and as many as 1 billion lacked adequate housing.[1][2][3] In the United States alone, 1 in 50 children experience some form of homelessness each year.[4] We believe it is our obligation to help make a change. At Blui, we pledge to contribute at least 10% of profits to a partner charity. Each purchase makes a difference — helping feed a child, providing shelter to the homeless, and more.


Research shows we need to be carbon neutral as a planet by 2050. By partnering with Stripe Climate, our scientific advisors help maximize the long-term impact. Since 2020, we pledge to contribute 1% of profits to protect the planet.


Privacy is a fundamental human right. As a website and service, we strive to keep your information safe using industry-standard encryption. We aim to collect only necessary information when needed, by our Privacy Policy, and DO NOT engage in fully automated decision-making (which includes profiling).